Even Sen. John McCain gets it right every now and then, such as when he told a group of protesters including members of Code Pink to “get out of here, you low life scum.” The protesters at this morning’s Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, who apparently made it their goal to “arrest” 91-year-old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for “war crimes,” brought along handcuffs to do just that, which had McCain questioning security at the meeting.

We suppose plastic toy handcuffs might make it through a metal detector, if they were able to pass a visual inspection by security personnel. For what it’s worth, though, they certainly don’t look like plastic in the C-SPAN video.

McCain issued a statement via his webpage decrying the “physical intimidation” of Kissinger.

Code Pink’s typical protest tactics include interrupting Congressional hearings with chanting and sign-holding, which while disruptive and improper, do not represent a threat to witnesses. What happened today was far different. As Dr. Kissinger entered the hearing room to take his seat, a group of Code Pink protesters rushed up to the witness table to confront him, waving handcuffs within inches of his head. Some senators were concerned enough for Dr. Kissinger’s safety that they came down off the dais to support the witnesses. With no U.S. Capitol Police intervening, the episode went on for several minutes.

We’re you instructed to get out of here?