How could #StopAdamBaldwin become a thing? Stop him from what? His work with the late Stanley Kubrick alone is a lifetime pass to full metal awesomeness, not to mention his contribution to genre favorites like “The Last Ship” and “Firefly.” And Twitter.

Chris Harvey thinks he has the answer: #GamerGate. He writes at

A group of antigamer trolls are attempting to stop Adam Baldwin from attending this years Supanova Pop Culture Expo [in Australia]. Adam Baldwin coined the term gamergate. GamerGate is a consumer revolt triggered by overt politicization, ethical misconduct, and unprecedented amounts of censorship targeted at gamers and video games as a whole.

(For an extensive look into the GamerGate controversy, its origin, and the people involved, we recommend Reason’s “GamerGate: Part I: Sex, Lies, and Gender Games.”)

An online petition to revoke Baldwin’s invitation from Supanova has been met with a counter-petition. As for the first petition, Baldwin tweeted:

As it turns out, some fans would like to #StopAdamBaldwin as well.

Brandon Morse, a gamer himself, might just have nailed the logic of the whole #StopAdamBaldwin movement.

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