America’s premier Celtic punk band, Flogging Molly, wasn’t heard from today.

Dropkick Murphys, on the other hand, must have been paying attention to the Iowa Freedom Summit, at which Gov. Scott Walker took to the stage to the tune of “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” written by Woodie Guthrie and popularized by the pro-union band. That prompted this tweet:

This isn’t the first time the band has complained about their use of their song. In 2012, the band posted to Facebook:

A Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senate candidate – and crony of anti-Union Governor Scott Walker – using a Dropkick Murphys song as an intro is like a white supremacist coming out to gangsta rap!

We stand beside our Union and Labor brothers and sisters and their families in Wisconsin and all over the U.S!

We have yet to hear from Taylor Swift and her opinion on Sarah Palin walking onstage to “Shake It Up.”