Thursday, President Obama witnessed the fall of foreign policy success story Yemen, announced that he would snub Prime Minister Netanyahu on his visit to the United States, and declared abortion to be a core constitutional right — and that was all before 2 p.m., when he had an unbreakable commitment to meet with three YouTube stars for interviews and selfies as part of the #YouTubeAsksObama initiative.

Viewers did learn about the president’s preferences in super powers. Not surprisingly, the man who can hop on Marine One at will for a trip to the golf course passed on the power of flight.

The president finally settled on the power to speak any language, after briefly fighting the temptation to choose invisibility.

Not all of the questions were frivolous. The president stressed the importance of free speech and a free Internet.

Without free speech and a free Internet, we could end up like this country.

Does the president actually watch these YouTube celebrities? He admitted last month that he usually spends his mornings watching ESPN, since he gets enough of politics during the rest of the day. It turns out Obama wasn’t just buttering up his ESPN interviewer.