Huge crowds of #BlackLivesMatter protesters marched in cities from coast to coast today to honor and/or “reclaim” the life and teachings Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by attending church services and rallies, blocking traffic and holding mass die-ins.

Curiously, one of the tiniest and most overlooked gatherings took place at the site of the alleged #NAACPBombing in Colorado Springs. A handful of protesters holding an “NAACP Grade Is F in Civil Rights” sign and a correctly displayed American flag said they hoped to educate people on the wrongs and injustices taking place within the NAACP.

Fortunately, Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Monica Mendoza was there to learn more.

A group of Colorado Springs citizens will protest the NAACP today — on Martin Luther King Day — at 2 p.m. saying they believe the organization has lost its relevancy.

“We are a group of concerned citizens who have been wanting to do something and decided this is the day to do it,” said Margarita Stokes, who sent out a rally call for the protest.

Stokes said the recent bombing at the Colorado Springs NAACP office has been a distraction. She said the protest is rally cry for the organization to get more involved in social justice.

Interest in the so-called #NAACPBombing has waned considerably since the hashtag lit up Twitter earlier this month. Despite Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee declaring that the incident undermined “years of progress” in race relations, the “bombing” seems to have finally caught the attention of the person you’d think would be most interested: the NAACP’s national president.

In the meantime, the search for the balding white male suspect hasn’t turned up much.


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