Ferguson activist/agitator Bassam Masri has emerged as one of the more recognizable names in the #BlackLivesMatter movement with his extensive and frankly exhausting live-streaming of protests and riots. As Legal Insurrection noted, as an activist in the #Palestine2Ferguson movement, Masri’s techniques “are not mere protest, but pushing the confrontations with police into dangerous territory.”

He also achieved some viral fame on YouTube when his phone was stolen live on camera on the night of the grand jury announcement regarding Officer Darren Wilson. Marsi believes “a police agitator” was responsible.

Lately, though, he has complained of imposter accounts on Twitter and more — much more. Will he call the police, or simply forge ahead with his “hardcore investigative journalism” and track down the culprit himself?

Wasn’t Attorney General Eric Holder on the case?

Anyone have some good footage from this morning’s pro-police #SeaOfBlue march?