If there’s any city where illegal shenanigans will not be tolerated, it’s Chicago, so it’s no surprise that a controversy has arisen around the proposed location of the Barack Obama Presidential Library. Public hearings on the plan to build the library at the University of Chicago not only have been packed; they’ve inspired even more “die-ins” by protesters.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

The U. of C., which had been mum on many specifics, recently acknowledged for the first time that it hoped to use parkland that it does not own and did not have a clear path to obtaining. That’s despite the university owning large swaths of property in the surrounding area. That spurred [Mayor Rahm] Emanuel to public action.

The university plan, which would use roughly 20 acres at either Jackson or Washington parks, will need the approval of the Chicago Park District and the City Council. But the final decision will be made by the president and first lady Michelle Obama.

Why the die-in? Protesters had expected the university to construct a level-one hospital trauma center on the site.

“A strategy for control, profit, and violence”? Sounds like it will fit right in.