The Republican National Committee has reelected (an uncontested) Reince Priebus this afternoon as its chairman in a near-unanimous vote. This marks Priebus’ third term, giving broadcast journalists several more years to learn how to pronounce his name. (Bob Beckel especially has come up with some particularly colorful variants.)

Is that squirrel still around?

Conservatives on Twitter haven’t been this excited since Rep. John Boehner was reelected House Speaker.

Congratulations were the order of the day, though, for some high-profile names we expect to hear more from in 2015.

One sore spot to emerge from the RNC’s winter meeting: the choice of networks for the nine proposed presidential primary debates. ABC will host one, and CNN up to three.

Probably the most genuine tweet of the day comes from Juan William’s son Raffi, who will continue to serve as the GOP’s deputy press secretary.