It’s no secret that many (most) conservatives were anxious to see Rep. John Boehner replaced with a more effective and conservative House Speaker to stand up to the executive branch this year. No one wished harm on the Speaker, though, or so we thought.

Major media outlets are reporting tonight that Michael Hoyt, formerly a bartender at Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio, has been indicted for threatening to murder Boeher, perhaps by poisoning one of his drinks or shooting him.

CBS News reports that Hoyt certainly had at his disposal other means of doing harm than poison.

… After he was fired from his job at the country club, Hoyt claimed he began hearing voices from the devil from the radio in his car and at his home. The voices, he said, were telling him that John Boehner was evil.

The criminal complaint states that Hoyt had several weapons in his possession including a .380 Baretta automatic pistol, knives, and an ax. Court documents show that Hoyt’s mother had previously removed an SKS assault rifle from her son’s home.

Isn’t a death threat above politicizing? Boehner could have been murdered.