There was a minor Twitter controversy during the trial of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan, who chose to represent himself and did so so poorly that it seemed he was trying to earn himself the death penalty and fulfill his wish to become a martyr. Observers of the proceedings were split: should Hasan be sentenced to death, which seemed to be his goal, or should he be left to rot in prison, thus denying him those 72 virgins and such?

Today in France, a lawmaker reportedly told French TV that brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, who had taken a hostage inside a printing plant, seemed to “want to die as martyrs.” Die they did, but pro-gun-control singer Cher has an idea that would keep terrorists alive.

How about it? A combination of tear gas and dart guns?

Isn’t that a bit like the tweeters who wondered why police in the United States didn’t just shoot the guns out of criminals’ hands?

* * *

Cher’s foolproof plan apparently attracted some criticism, or punishment by “death in your world.”