It’s not often — never, really — that we agree with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, but we’d really like to see an exhaustive federal review of the so-called #NAACPBombing to determine if a hate crime was committed. The Colorado Springs Gazette reported this morning that the FBI is already on the scene “exploring all possibilities of potential motive,” from a hate crime to domestic terrorism.

Yesterday, as #NAACPBombing was trending around the world, an employee of a hair salon which shares the building with the NAACP office confirmed that the “bomber” positioned his explosive device in the back of the building, some distance away from the entryways of both Mr. G’s and the NAACP office.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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St. Louis alderman Antonio French told PBS that he was “kind of shocked that there wasn’t that much on mainstream television” regarding the blast.

He might not count as mainstream television, but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes did mention the event on his show, “All In,” as did CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

While some might be disappointed by the amount of primetime cable news coverage the incident has received, a Twitchy noted, here are just a few stories published:

Hopefully the results of the FBI’s investigation into the #NAACPBombing will receive at least equal coverage.