As promised, the New York Daily News hosted a live Twitter chat with actress, author and “Girls” creator Lena Dunham Tuesday afternoon, and as we predicted, the newspaper passed on all submitted questions regarding Dunham’s book and the passages alleging rape and describing instances that certainly sound like child molestation.

There was only one question allowed through that could be considered controversial (if your ignore the bit about HBO and “semen sort of arcing across the screen”), and that was regarding Dunham’s part in the rapid gentrification of Brooklyn. Two years ago the actress settled down in a $500,000 apartment in Brooklyn Heights but only recently traded up to a $5 million, four-bedroom apartment nearby.

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Gentrification poster girl Dunham passed any blame for rising rents in the area to the writer’s “real d-bag” of a landlord. Ironically, Dunham appeared at a fundraiser in 2013 for New York City comptroller candidate Scott Stringer, where she eloquently warned the crowd that gentrification “will seriously fuck our shit up,” adding that a “1-bedroom apartment shouldn’t cost $6,000 but Europeans don’t know that and they’ll pay whatever … but Scott has a plan to fix it.”

Despite the softball approach, we’re thankful for these online chats, especially now that Dunham has blocked Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin from her nuggets of Twitter wisdom.


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