CNN reported that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s awkward hug of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones yesterday actually could help him in a run for the White House, while another website declared that the hug frankly cost him the 2016 election (not that his bromantic post-Sandy stroll on the New Jersey boardwalk with President Obama helped). Check out this stark choice presented by The Federalist:

Gov. Scott Walker didn’t upset any football-loving constituents earlier today when he wore a Green Bay Packers jacket and jeans to a practice run of his inaugural address.

It’s kind of a shame that Walker decided to change into a standard suit and tie for the real thing; he could have grabbed some headlines.

The AP’s Scott Bauer was in Madison for the rehearsal and passed along some of the highlights of Walker’s speech, many of which drew a contrast between Wisconsin and the federal government.

Walker has posted the complete address to his website.