Yawn. Salon raised a few hackles last fall by tweeting the edict to “Stop worshiping men in uniform,” just in time for Veterans Day. That was Salon’s 2014 observation of the day, which the magazine solemnly celebrated in 2013 with a piece called, “Don’t thank the troops for me.”

Remarkably, Salon keeps tracking down different writers in an attempt to drive home the same anti-military message. The site’s latest salvo? A call to abolish West Point. “Our military academies aren’t filled with best and brightest. They are a boondoggle, on your dime, and serve no one,” reads the subhead.

The occasion? The swearing in of the new Republican-dominated House and Senate, which has writer Bruce Fleming calling the service academies “poster boys of the out-of-control entitlement programs Republicans say they hate.” So let’s forget about repealing Obamacare and focus on the real problem, OK?

We’ll check that out, and while we’re doing that, the editors at Salon can consider this proposal.