Patrons of the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, Ind., are reporting a shooting outside of a movie theater there tonight following a fight inside involving “hundreds” of teenagers. We at Twitchy have reported on quite a few mall lockdowns, many of which have been called shootings but instead turned out to be fights and the loud noises that accompany them. However, WIBC radio host Tony Katz was on the scene as it happened, and if he says there was a shooting, we’re happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.

WTHR reports:

Castleton Square Mall closed early Saturday after a fight broke out inside, reportedly involving hundreds of people.

Some witnesses reported hearing someone had a gun, but no one has been able to tell police they actually saw one, according to Ofc. Chris Wilburn. Shots were later fired in front of the AMC movie theater, but no one was hit.

Large crowds began gathering outside the mall after the fight and shooting. Police quickly started dispersing those gathered.

Video from #Castleton Square Mall as police try to disperse the large crowd. @jtduong @wthrcom

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Twitchy will update this post as details emerge.