With everyone everywhere seemingly catching everything that happens on video, it’s nice to know the pros can still pull off some YouTube worthy moments in cable quality. Here are some of the most bizarre things we witnessed on TV in 2014.

10) ‘Disgusting’: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry dons tampon earrings

Wendy Davis supporters were outraged when security wouldn’t allow them to bring boxes of tampons into the state capitol within throwing distance of their opponents. Instead, women started making tampon clothing and banners in protest. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry made it clear to viewers that she was firmly on #TeamWendy by wearing tampon earrings.


* * *

9) CNN entertains theory missing airliner swallowed by black hole; Cosmic mockery ensues

The Columbia Journalism Review recently awarded Don Lemon the distinction of worst journalist of 2014 for his entertaining of the idea that missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 might have disappeared into a black hole.


* * *

8) Popcorn ready: MSNBC forced into insincere apology tour after tequila-gulping ‘Cinco de Mayo’ bit

When MSNBC’s “Way Too Early” show decided to display its cultural sensitivity on Cinco De Mayo, it went full-on cringe-inducing. A sombrero-wearing producer paraded in front of the camera while shaking maracas and swilling tequila straight from the bottle.


* * *

7) PBS News Hour guest falls asleep on air  

With as many people as PBS lulls to sleep every night, it was inevitable that an on-air guest would eventually catch some shut-eye as well. St. Louis University law professor Susan McGaugh was on with Gwen Ifill to talk about the Ferguson grand jury but she decided to take a nap instead. (The YouTube video has since been made private.)

* * *

6) ‘Yes, I’ll bring home the milk.’ Watch Tom Brokaw answer his cell phone live on air

Consummate pro Tom Brokaw was discussing the midterm election results with his friends on MSNBC when his cell phone — equipped with the loudest alarm ringtone imaginable — began ringing. Before his co-hosts had a chance to run for the emergency exits, Brokaw answered and assured the mystery caller he’d bring home milk when he was finished with his on-air gig.

* * *

5) F*ck it, I quit!’ Alaska reporter quits on air to support legal marijuana

Our verdict? This was just a crass stunt by KTVA-TV’s Charlo Greene, as she knew her resignation would generate tons of free publicity for the Alaska Cannabis Club, of which she’s the owner. Members of the club were alerted on Facebook to watch the broadcast, but Greene obviously didn’t share her plan with her co-workers.

* * *

4) Jake Tapper’s on-air protest companion asks the tough question [photo]

With another riot in Ferguson, Mo., inevitable, the cable networks began to send in the big guns to cover the battle between protesters and police. CNN’s Jake Tapper found a friend to march alongside carrying a sign reading, “IS IT OPEN SEASON ON A NIGGAS ASS????????????” We and the rest of CNN’s viewers are still waiting for the answer.

* * *

3) Don Lemon’s sobriety in question during #NerdProm coverage; Update: Munchies set in

They call the Washington Correspondents Dinner “nerd prom,” and it’s no surprise why as journalists dress up in formal wear and suddenly revert to their giddy high school selves. One Twitter user after another asked if CNN’s Don Lemon, who stumblingly referred to Wolf Blitzer as Blitz Wolfster, was drunk. During a commercial break, the on-air staff broke into the snack cupboard and attacked a bag of Doritos.

* * *

2) ‘Oh God it’s Mom’: Woodhouse brothers scolded by their mom on C-Span

Democrat hack Brad Woodhouse and his conservative brother Dallas Woodhouse were guests on C-SPAN when they received an unexpected call from “Joy in North Carolina” (their mother) who scolded them for bickering. She did admit on air she was glad that they were both at their respective in-laws for Thanksgiving.

* * *

1) Fox News after dark: Chris Wallace introduces posse of ‘Campaign Cowboys’

Things got weird on Fox News late on midterm election night as the wait for West Coast returns and contested races dragged on and on. Why this inspired “Campaign Cowboys” Chris Wallace, Joe Trippi and Karl Rove to don cowboy gear we’ll never know. “I figure at this point in the evening, you’re either drunk or have a sense of humor,” Wallace explained.