As Twitchy reported yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper stumbled across a Jan. 2014 issue of the Washington Examiner featuring on its cover Eric Cantor, who was anxiously waiting in the wings “with John Boehner rumored near retirement.” Of course neither of those predictions came true, but the Left’s relentless press to drive Rep. Steve Scalise from office over a 2002 speech to a white nationalist organization has some conservatives hoping to add Speaker Boehner to that purge.

That’s pretty harsh. If Boehner is forced out, just who do you have in mind to replace him? Oh yeah, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.). Conservatives are already petitioning the House to “bring some boom into that room,” and Gowdy already has more campaign slogans and signs than some presidential contenders could dream of.

* * *

Time for a Vox-like correction?

We’re happy to concede the point, with the understanding that we’ll forget the campaign for Rep. Paul Ryan as House Speaker ever happened.



‘Bring some boom into that room!’ Conservatives petition to see House Speaker Trey Gowdy