She’s right, you know. When Vox launched, editor-in-chief Ezra Klein went to great lengths to explain just what hole in the news business his new site would fill. While other sites simply reported the news, Vox would publish “explainers” so that readers would actually understand the news, usually with the assistance of big, pretty charts and graphs. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before this was the graphic for which Vox was best known.

Vox site safety

We’ve had a lot of fun with Vox since its launch, one botched explainer at a time. Today, though, the Concourse blog on decided to drop a nuclear bomb on Klein and company with its extensive feature, “46 Times Vox Totally Fucked Up A Story.”

Ouch, then. Writer Kevin Draper didn’t fact-check every Vox story; instead, he simply reprinted and ranked Vox’s own corrections.


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