Twitchy could report tonight on the #ICantBreathe die-in at New York’s Grand Central Station, but that has quite literally become a regularly scheduled Monday night event. What is new is the die-in at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. and Crenshaw boulevards in Los Angeles, provoked by the release of an autopsy report on Ezell Ford.

Ford was killed in August after being shot three times by police, once in the back. Police say the third shot was the result of a struggle with Ford, who allegedly “pinned the officer to the ground and tried to remove his handgun from his holster.”

The release of the autopsy findings was accompanied by a citywide tactical alert.

As small as the protest looks in Los Angeles, those demonstrating the death of Antonio Martin in Berkeley, Mo., weren’t above turning to Twitter for more participants to help shut down the highway.

Whatever happened to that protester who was driven away on a car hood?