In politics, speculation is a big part of journalism. Remember in February 2013 when GOP rising star Marco Rubio was featured on the cover of Time magazine under the words, “The Republican Savior”? Who knew that, days later, during his Republican response to the president’s State of the Union speech, Rubio would make an awkward reach for a water bottle — a move CNN “jokingly” called a “career-ender.” MSNBC was so amused it ran the video clip of Rubio’s sip 155 times the following day.

In that context, it’s fun to look back at the Jan. 6 archaeological find CNN’s Jake Tapper unearthed in the network’s mail room.

It’s nearly 2015, and not only does Rep. John Boehner show no sign of giving up the speakership; Eric Cantor’s long gone, having lost to David Brat in the Republican primary and retired from Congress in August. So much for “heir apparent.”

Next up: getting Boehner to retire.


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