Mexican food chain Chipotle found itself dealing with a public relations nightmare yesterday when word spread on social media that employees at a Brooklyn restaurant greeted a group of police officers with a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture and refused them service. looked into the alleged incident and, after speaking with the company’s communications director, determined that the narrative making the rounds was “mostly false.”

According to Chipotle, security camera footage shows that it was a single employee who put up her hands “in what appears to have been a spontaneous, unplanned gesture of protest directed at the police. The group of officers then left without ordering food.” The communications director added that the company has apologized to the officers involved and “taken appropriate actions with regard to the employee involved, and reiterated to our operations teams the importance of making all of our customers feel welcome in our restaurants. No exceptions.”

What’s not certain is the definition of “appropriate actions.”

It appears any corporate-wide boycott faces an uphill battle (in part depending on your taste in burritos).

Jon Gabriel, 2014’s Best Conservative Columnist, explains his ongoing Chipotle boycott.