While, like just about all #BlackLivesMatter protests, the #MillionsMarchNYC demonstration on Dec. 13 was billed as a peaceful protest, it moved from a daytime rally at Washington Square to a nighttime shutdown of the Brooklyn Bridge, at which at least two police officers were injured. And even though some conspiracy theorists dismiss them as either “outside agitators” or uncover police officers, the “What do we want? Dead cops!” chanters were caught on video that night as well.

Perhaps worst of all, though, was the fact that the march inspired this indelible monstrosity:

So, what can we expect from Saturday’s #MillionsMarchLA? Broken glass in Oakland is almost a certainty, but how about the rest of the West Coast? For one thing, both the assembled crowd and the poster seem to have replaced the “hands up” of peaceful surrender with Occupy’s appropriation of the ancient “fists up” of resistance.

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And some celebs!


That can’t be the end of it for the day.