WCCO-TV in Minnesota is reporting that the Mall of America is considering a lawsuit against the organizers of a protest that led to a partial lockdown of the mall the weekend before Christmas:

Mall officials are reportedly gathering estimates of how much money the stores lost on Saturday.

Combined with the amount of overtime put in by police, [Bloomington City Attorney Sandra] Johnson said the numbers will be “staggering,” and she wants the protest organizers to pay.

The moment the chanting started Saturday, officers locked down about 80 stores and several mall entrances. In and around the rotunda, business came to a halt for about two hours.

News of a pending lawsuit has many protesters and sympathizers calling for a boycott of the mall, if not a nationwide boycott of all chains that do business inside the Mall of America.

Other protesters are surprised that the Mall of America can’t see that the die-in and occupation actually helped business.

So protesters had planned on spending money at the mall, which is a good thing?