Why can’t Democrats just let holidays be holidays? Remember Demand Action’s awesome download-and-print Thanksgiving placemats with gun control talking points? OFA’s four-step program for having “the talk” about Obamacare with family members over the holidays? Al Sharpton’s list of “Turkey Tips” for defending Obama’s dreadful record at the dinner table?

You also might remember last year when the Democrats issued their guide to “setting your Republican relatives straight this holiday season.” What goes better with Christmas dinner than a printout of official Democrat talking points straight from the top?

Guess what? You’ll be seeing your Republican Uncle Fred again this holiday season, so here’s a new set of talking points for defending Obama’s record.

Did someone say stupid? OMG! Look who’s back.

Can you believe Uncle Fred still insists that Obama hasn’t fixed the economy?

Is that you, Uncle Fred?

Now, any conservatives out there need some “holiday backup” debating politics with Democrat Cousin Pajama Boy?


Didn’t think so.