John Harwood, who reports on national politics for CNBC, drew his followers’ attention Monday night to a Gawker piece on a “slimy” Fox affiliate’s faking of a “kill a cop” chant, calling it “corruption, media-style.”

C-SPAN video of Al Sharpton’s #Justice4All rally in Washington, D.C., shows a woman leading a chant that goes, “We won’t stop! We can’t stop! ’til killer cops are in cell blocks!” The thing is, the woman’s shout of “’til killer cops” sounds a lot like “so kill a cop,” especially if you cut the video before “are in cell blocks” — which is just what WBFF in Baltimore did.

No doubt.

You mean the time NBC edited Romney’s comments about a trip to Wawa to make him sound aloof and out of touch, driving Andrea Mitchell to giddy laughter?

How about the time NBC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound racist? That was kind of “slimy.”