At President Obama’s historic all-woman press conference Friday, we learned that blacks are “better off” since Obama assumed office, actor James Franco’s real name is James Flacco, and Mele Kalikimaka means Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, the president had to rush off to catch his plane before filling in the press corps on what looks like further military escalation in Iraq.

No, Iraq never came up at all, nor did any suggestion of further military deployment.

Stars and Stripes reports:

Approximately 1,000 paratroopers from the Army’s famed 82nd Airborne Division will deploy to Iraq early next year to help the Iraqi security forces take on the Islamic State, the Pentagon announced Friday.

The paratroopers are preparing for a nine-month deployment, according to a spokeswoman for the 82nd Airborne.

Approximately 300 troops from other Army, Air Force and Marine Corps units will also deploy to provide “enabler” support in areas such as counterintelligence, logistics, and signals, Kirby said.

Yes, the paratroopers are reportedly part of the 1,500 additional troops President Obama authorized last month, three days after the midterm elections, to serve in “non-combat roles” in Iraq.

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