Whenever there’s a horrible terrorist attack by Islamists, you can count on British hate preacher and Shariah-pimp Anjem Choudary to surface and blame the West. The unspeakable #PeshawarAttack, for which the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility and which killed at least 140, most of whom were children, inspired Choudary to take to Twitter to gloat.

This time, though, it looks like Choudary has been reading Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s #TortureReport, and as many in the West feared, it has given jihadists like Choudary even more reason to believe they’re justified in their hate and actions.

Again, the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility, as if there were any question. But what about targeting school children?

How, exactly, does the world “verify” that Islamists weren’t responsible for the cowardly suicide-bomber attack on the school?

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