The #SydneySiege is finally at an end, but a Twitter hashtag it inspired is still riding high as the top trending topic worldwide.


The New Yorker reports that a Sydney television reporter proposed the #illridewithyou hashtag after a woman tweeted about seeing another woman removing her hijab on a train, “presumably out of fear” of backlash against Muslims following the hostage crisis. “Put it back on. I’ll walk with you,” she reportedly told the woman, “inspiring a mini-movement in Sydney’s public-transportation system and reflections on who Australians might want to be now that the siege is over.”

That was it as far as the story goes. But it was a thoughtful symbolic move that might have prevented a Islamophobic incident that never actually materialized. Behold:

The hashtag has since spread worldwide.

The story that inspired the hashtag is a lovely one, but the accompanying story that the hostage taker was just another deranged “lone wolf” with no connection to global Islamic terrorism is problematic at best. For some, “I’ll ride with you” has its limits.

As usually, Iowahawk nails it.


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