In an interview with Fox News in October, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona told his hosts that he didn’t think President Obama’s nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy was qualified for the job, with the only item on his résumé standing out being the fact that he was co-founder of Doctors for Obama.

Most Republicans in the Senate agree that Murthy is an anti-gun ideologue not qualified for the job.

A vote to confirm Murthy is set for 5:30 p.m., and Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) says he too will be voting against Murthy.

…I don’t believe it’s appropriate for America’s number one doctor to participate in political activism. It is essential that the Surgeon General gains the public’s trust, so this position must be separated from the political arena. After meeting with Dr. Murthy, I don’t question his medical qualifications; I just question whether the public will believe that he can separate his political beliefs from his public health views. I am wary that his past comments and political involvement will have an impact on his leadership capabilities and effectiveness.

Democrats savaged Manchin for insisting on a surgeon general who can separate his politics from public health.


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