As infuriating as nightly “die-ins” at Macy’s can be, they’ve found competition with the annual “drunk-in” that is SantaCon. Organizers of SantaCon refer to the event as a charity fundraiser, although it’s awfully hard to distinguish from a drunken pub crawl through the city.

Of course, it was inevitable that the army of drunken Santas would eventually bump up against the #BlackLivesMatter protesters of the #MillionsMarchNYC. Demonstrators are already conflicted over what exactly to do with “white allies” (although they’ve come up with a list of rules), so not too many were pleased to see white allies like these.

Well, here are a few.

“Black Santas matter”? It’s a bizarre sign, but one photographer did manage to capture the ultimate SantaCon/#MillionsMarchNYC mashup.