Legal Insurrection reports Friday night that Cornell University’s police chief has apologized for using the phrase “all lives matter” in a message to the campus community.

In a message sent last week, Cornell University Police Chief Kathy Zoner wrote that, as a “law enforcement officer and a mother, I am deeply saddened by the loss of lives, critical injuries and angry conflicts, both locally and nationally, among both people and nations,” citing specifically “the important discussions about law enforcement and community relations we are engaged in locally and nationally.”

Zoner went on to recommend a list of campus resources for those who “feel sad or anxious, even angry at times, particularly when tragedies occur,” concluding, “We are here for each other, and you are an important piece of what makes us whole. All Lives Matter.”


A week later, Zoner sent a message apologizing for implying “any association with #AllLivesMatter, the disrespectful pushback against #BlackLivesMatter on many Internet forums.”


Boy, the Congressional Black Caucus really needs to apologize to the nation for its insensitive and disrespectful tweet.

And let’s not let this guy, whom Salon describes as “one of the most recognizable social media presences keeping the public updated on the protests in Ferguson and elsewhere,” off the hook for clearly disrespecting his own movement.