The unbiased ABC News calls the cromnibus (continuing resolution/omnibus) “a crooked mechanism [lawmakers] hope will provide enough cover for a feisty cadre of conservatives who are crowing over the president’s executive actions on immigration reform.” MSNBC said its point is to “thread a ridiculous needle – preventing a shutdown [and] placating angry, right-wing House members.” U.S. News and World Report calls it “a tortured GOP strategy to stick it to President Barack Obama and make a bold statement on immigration and border security.”

U.S. News more helpfully describes it this way:

Congress would pass an omnibus funding bill to keep almost the entire government running into September 2015. However, the Department of Homeland Security – the department that deals with the implementation of Obama’s executive action on immigration, which the Republicans hate – would limp along on a mere continuing resolution that would fund it until sometime next March. That would give Republicans time and opportunity to pressure the Obama administration into backing off its executive action somehow – or at least isolate the DHS budget so Republicans, who next year will control both the House and Senate, could deny the funds needed to implement the action.


There was talk the cromnibus would be ready Monday, but there’s still time — and hopefully some backbone left among the GOP.

Breitbart reports that “Numbers USA, an anti-amnesty grassroots organization, is scoring a vote for the GOP leadership’s CRomnibus bill as a vote for amnesty,” while the Center for Immigration Studies’s Jessica Vaughan told Laura Ingraham that “the omnibus will fund the release of thousands more criminal illegal aliens into American communities.”