Look at MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes, talking like a serious journalist. As Twitchy reported, Rolling Stone today apologized to readers for what it called discrepancies in its account of an alleged gang rape of a woman known as Jackie at the University of Virginia. “We have come to the conclusion that our trust in [Jackie] was misplaced,” wrote managing editor Will Dana, adding, we “now regret the decision to not contact the alleged assaulters to get their account.”

What has most outraged Hayes — and amused his followers — is his anger over Rolling Stone allegedly throwing its source under the bus.

We haven’t seen Hayes this upset since he admitted to being “physically enraged” over the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act ruling, and it’s fun to have angry Hayes back.

But as easy as it is to hate Rolling Stone, isn’t “Jackie” culpable as well, not to mention the reporter?

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