Quite a few on Twitter were shocked last night to learn that the resignation of low-level GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten, who stirred up controversy with a Facebook post criticizing the first daughters’ outfits, managed to score coverage on the big three nightly newscasts. That’s news?

Lefty media expressed glee when The Smoking Gun uncovered that Lauten had been busted for shoplifting at 17, news that made sites such as Ebony, Gawker, and Talking Points Memo. But it turns out that the media were willing to go further than that to dig up dirt on Lauten, according to The Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman.

Just in case that picture is difficult to read, here’s the highlighted bit from The Free Beacon:

Two network news vans camped outside of Lauten’s parents home in North Carolina on Tuesday, one day after she resigned as communication director for Rep. Steven Fincher (R., Tenn.) due to the controversy. Lauten was not at the house.

That morning, the Washington Post also assigned one of its foreign affairs correspondents to comb through an archive of columns Lauten wrote for her college newspaper in 2006 and 2007.

Either that or …



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