As Twitchy reported, schools and businesses were encouraged to take part in the nationwide #HandsUpWalkOut protest Monday. Social media posts suggest that the “strike” was hugely popular on some college campuses, such as Smith College, Brandeis, and Yale. A few other Twitter users reported that middle schools and even elementary schools participated in walk-outs.

St. Louis area high schools participating in a walk-out today included the Ferguson-Florissant School District’s McCluer North High School and the nearby Hazelwood East High. Hundreds of students walked out, and many kept on walking.

KTVI reports:

Florissant Police Chief Tim Lowery says there was a tense moment when some of the kids started banging on a Florissant Police cruiser. But, police got the students to back up quickly.

Besides that incident, the rest of the demonstration was peaceful and there were no arrests.

About an hour after that large demonstration ended, some of the students staged another demonstration on New Halls Ferry at Parker Road. The students blocked traffic on New Halls Ferry for a few minutes. Police say some of the students even laid down on the street. The students then ran to different locations to continue their activities.

Walking out of high school and laying down in the street? Dana Loesch says some callers to the Dana Loesch Radio Show today were outraged to learn what their children were up to.


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