Protesters breathlessly awaiting to hear if Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would be indicted in the death of Michael Brown had made an informal agreement; whatever the decision of the grand jury, demonstrators would observe four and a half minutes of silence in honor of Brown, whose body reportedly lay in the street for four and a half hours.

That silence didn’t last long when St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that Wilson would not be charged. One of the loudest voices in the aftermath was that of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s stepfather, who famously stepped onto a platform and repeatedly yelled to the assembled crowd, “Burn this bitch down!” At least a dozen businesses were torched that night by rioters.

CNN reports today that no charges have been filed against Head, and Police Chief Tom Jackson says he hasn’t yet spoken to Head and “didn’t classify the probe as formal.”

St. Louis alderman Antonio French, who has been very active in the Ferguson demonstrations, read of the impending probe and declared it disrespectful to the Brown family.

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