As Twitchy reported earlier, today’s #HandsUpWalkOut protest was a hit on college campuses across the country, and there were reports of walk-outs at middle schools and even elementary schools. Also holding up their hands and walking off the job (at least for the photo op) were workers at the American Federation of Teachers headquarters, who adopted the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and declared, “We stand in solidarity with those who seek justice.”

So, what are the chances of elementary school teachers working the Michael Brown shooting into their classroom lessons? There’s at least one example making the rounds on Twitter today, allegedly geared toward first-grade “butterflies” (are those like the purple penguins of gender inclusivity?) and racking up nearly 20,000 favorites in one day.

We’d hate to influence the teacher’s intentions, but like much of the media coverage of the grand jury testimony, some important evidence is left out. No matter, though. The point is that “it’s important to be nice to people.”


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