You never really know with Vox if the writers and editors just flat-out don’t know what they’re talking about, or if they don’t care what they write as long as the graphs and charts look pretty. Today the folks at Vox are tweeting a graph that supposedly shows how young black men “pay the price for gun rights.”

The problem with the graph: it shows only the percentage of black suspects killed during arrests and nothing else. So what does this have to do with the Second Amendment and gun rights?

Glad you asked. A quick scan through Matt Yglesias’ piece reasons that if there were no guns (even for the police) there would be no shootings. “The big reason British cops don’t shoot civilians,” he writes, “is that cops in the United Kingdom don’t have guns. If a special situation requiring firearms arises, the call is put out for a specially trained firearms unit. But an unarmed teenager shoplifting blunts doesn’t make the cut, so unarmed teens don’t get shot by British cops.” No guns, no shootings. Voxsplained.