We owe a debt of gratitude to Fox News hosts Andrea Tantaros and Greta Van Susteren for alerting us to this under-reported bit of good news: a school in New Jersey is changing its name to honor Brendan Tevlin, the 19-year-old college student who was killed as part of a jihadist’s coast-to-coast killing spree this year.

Twitchy has reported on Tevlin before, and for an extensive look at his case, you could do no better than to check out Michelle Malkin’s column on her site. In short, Tevlin was reportedly gunned down in his Jeep this summer by Ali Muhammad Brown, who previously had killed three other men and told police that Tevlin’s murder was “a just kill” in exchange for Muslim deaths in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

NJ.com reports that St. Mary’s Academy in Hackettstown will change its name to St. Brendan’s Academy in memory of Tevlin:

…the organization had been talking about changing its name because many confused SMA with the former St. Mary’s School, which closed its doors in May 2013 after 60 years of operation. When SMA Vice-president, Lina Hollman, suggested that they consider renaming the school St. Brendan’s Academy in memory of Tevlin, it didn’t take long for the group to come to consensus.

“We all feel that Brendan’s faith and spirit reflects the mission and values of the school and that he’ll serve as a great contemporary role model for its children,” said [SMA President Gregg] Dudzinski.

No riots, no protests, but if you happen to be in town Sunday night:

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