As Twitchy reported, a group called the Don’t Shoot Coalition presented Ferguson, Mo., police with a list of 19 demands, or rules of engagement to follow when the grand jury announced its decision whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay recently conceded to many of the demands, telling protesters, “We do not want to appear to militarize our response.”

At yet another pre-announcement press conference held Friday afternoon, Slay promised that St. Louis would not go down the path of “increasingly repressive measures.”

Slay wrote on his website:

Our goal, our job, and our prayer, is that at the end of each day, everyone goes home safe— police, protesters, and people who are not involved; that there is no widespread damage to people’s homes and businesses; and that we are in a position to begin to heal, to close the racial divide, and to make the changes needed to make St. Louis a more fair and just city for everyone.

It is important to remember that we are going to have to work together to make needed change to make St. Louis more fair, more just and more prosperous for everyone. I ask everyone – protesters and police officers and everyone else –to remember our underlying goal: to protect the demonstrators’ constitutional rights and to keep everyone safe.

Also today, police announced their own response to the list of 19 rules of engagement, agreeing “totally” with 11.

However, police are unwilling to give up crowd control gear in the event of a riot. The original draft of the rules of engagement demanded that riot gear not be used and police “wear only the attire minimally required for their safety.”

Finally, here’s some “news” from the news conference that is news to no one.



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