It’s no secret that President Obama is a huge fan of human prop-aganda. (He’s especially a sucker for anyone in a white lab coat.) Singled out as the face of illegal immigration during the president’s executive amnesty speech Thursday night and the Las Vegas edition on Friday afternoon was Astrid Silva, a college student working on her third degree (while picking fruit and cleaning bedpans between classes?).

“Are we a nation that kicks out a striving, hopeful immigrant like Astrid – or are we a nation that finds a way to welcome her in?” asked Obama.

Now a celebrity (whose tweets are protected), Silva sent a thank you to Sen. Harry Reid, which he tweeted to his followers.

Didn’t President Obama allegedly resort to executive action on amnesty because he couldn’t persuade Senate Majority Leader Reid and the rest of Congress to pass immigration reform?

If Reid gets a personalized thank you, what do the rest of us get?