Illegal alien writer and activist Jose Antonio Vargas certainly isn’t the first Lefty today to question why ABC, CBS and NBC aren’t carrying the president’s speech on executive amnesty Thursday night. Actor Lucas Neff pitched a hissyfit, and, not surprisingly, Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert called the networks’ “shameful decision to snub” President Obama just another example of right-wing media bias.

Again and again, it’s up to conservatives to explain that, as Politico reported, “the Obama administration didn’t bother sending the standard formal request for coverage to networks Wednesday. Instead, the White House simply posted an announcement of the message on its Facebook page—perhaps the first such announcement of its kind.”

It’s almost as if the president doesn’t care if his message reaches past Spanish-speaking networks Telemundo and Univision, which tonight will postpone the 15th annual Latin Grammys to accommodate the president’s speech.

So, just what message is really being sent tonight by the networks and the administration?