Through a series of recent press conferences, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has become the focal point of Ferguson, Mo., and just what to expect from police and protesters once a grand jury announces its decision regarding Officer Darren Wilson. That’s quite a change from August, when state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal dropped an F-bomb on the governor for keeping his distance and not visiting ground zero in “his Katrina.”

With that sort of no-confidence vote in Nixon, David Limbaugh is wondering why President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder haven’t made any recent statements to the public in Ferguson. (Obama did call Nixon recently to check on the situation on the ground in Ferguson.) Could those two men help quell the chance of looting and rioting by addressing the people directly?

Jesse Jackson did visit, but was booed after asking for donations to his church: wrote one tweeter, “They need to run his a$$ out of town!”

Any other suggestions?