As Twitchy reported, the Don’t Shoot Coalition in early November presented area law enforcement with its 19-point list of “rules of engagement” with the police, including 48 hours notice in advance of the announcement of the Darren Wilson grand jury decision.

Yesterday, a group of black aldermen (specifically, the St. Louis African American Aldermanic Caucus) endorsed the entire list of demands and suggestions and encouraged the St. Louis Police Department and mayor’s office to “do all they can to observe these proposed rules.”

Today, Mayor Slay responded to the board of aldermen. MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee reports:

About those rules? The mayor’s office seems fine with most of them.

For example, Slay wrote that “we will honor safe houses, and will consider churches to be sanctuaries.” Protesters had demanded the establishment of protester safe houses that “shall be considered sacred ground and only entered by police when called upon on when extremely necessary.”

Slay also told aldermen that “we do not want to appear to militarize our response … so our officers will start by wearing their normal uniforms.” The mayor had no specific response to the demand that police be more tolerant of “more minor lawbreaking (such as thrown water bottles).”

Slay also conceded to the allowance of protesters to occupy public spaces on a case-by-case basis, specifically citing the blocking of intersections and obstruction of traffic that occurred over the weekend.

Oddly, there’s a “fireside chat” being held tomorrow but not by the mayor; people are invited to call in and interact directly with a panel of protesters.