We haven’t heard the word “flapdoodle” in quite a while, but we’re pretty sure it’s not synonymous with “scandal.” David Axelrod recently did his best to downplay the parade of damning Jonathan Gruber videos by dismissing Gruber’s remarks about the stupidity of the American voter as “throwaway quips.” Is CNBC’s John Harwood doing the same by referring to the Gruber scandal as nothing but a “flapdoodle”?

Seriously, what does Harwood mean by “flapdoodle?”

Well, at least he admits it’s a controversy, though one with excessive “media noise.” That’s funny, considering how long it took for the mainstream media to break down and admit the Gruber videos existed at all.

Gruber admitted that a lack of transparency was necessary to push the unpopular law through, and the fact that made people mad is the only significance to the story? Wow.

Is there a journalist in the house?