Things got weird today when a still from a video made the rounds suggesting that hacker group Anonymous had declared its support of ISIS.

Really? Anonymous and ISIS have teamed up? It might be difficult to keep up with what issues exactly Anonymous supports, but if nothing else, the tortured grammar certainly sounds suspicious.

In fact, there is a YouTube video and press release posted by TheAnonMessage on Nov. 1 in which the group declares its “complete solidarity against those who affiliate themselves with ISIS.” What’s amazing is the person in the Guy Fawkes mask blasts ISIS to a degree that puts most of the Obama administration to shame:

…Iraq is descending into chaos yet again thanks to the dastardly ruthless gang aiming to establish an “Islamic” state combining both Iraq and Syria, thus doing away with the post-WWI borders. They call themselves ISIS. These savages who have no religion or morality are bent on burning everything in their path, killing and pillaging as they go. They must be stopped.

Today, however, ANONYMOUSArabTV posted the same video clip but with an Arabic voice dubbed in, and English subtitles added.