Soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid lost the support this morning of Sen. Claire McCaskill and a handful of other Democrats but managed to hang onto his leadership position. One of his first announcements is that he would create a special leadership position for Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Perhaps understanding just what a crazy move he’d made, Reid conceded that he’d “let” Warren be Warren.

Indeed, Warren was quite literally breathing over Reid’s shoulder in a photo of his newly assembled leadership team, while reaction from his Twitter followers was less than enthusiastic.

Fight for the middle class? Isn’t that Elizabeth Warren’s shtick?

For Warren’s part, she revealed the name of her “special” new position.

Judging from her followers’ tweets, Warren doesn’t have to worry about losing any popularity contests to the man who will “let” her be herself.

Best keep an eye over that shoulder, Minority Leader Reid.