David Masciotra, who wrote a piece for Salon arguing that we should all “stop worshipping men in uniform,” keeps disappearing down the Twitter rabbit hole whenever the blowback gets a little too strong. He might want to change his mind and poke his head out again for one more careful look around; it looks like he’s found a friend in none other than former governor of Minnesota and 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura.

Ventura’s tweet links to his special Veterans Day video message posted on Ron Paul’s site, Voices of Liberty. Ron Paul provided his own audio message for the day, in which he claims that “making all veterans heroes and endlessly lavishing great praise on them is designed as a distraction from the consequence of a deeply flawed foreign policy.”

What a tag team. It’s not surprising that most of Ventura’s Twitter followers agree with his premise that the military doesn’t fight for our freedom.

As suggested to liberal comedian John Fugelsang, is it too much today to leave it at “Happy Veterans Day”? What is it with Jesse Ventura?

Coward? You say that like Ventura’s last achievement was to win nearly $2 million by dragging “American Sniper” Chris Kyle’s widow through court after his murder. That was purely about justice, right?

Any final thoughts on why Ventura is intent to use Veterans Day to trash those who choose to serve today?


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