In this corner we have MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the beta male Al Gore has declared “this generation’s Edward R. Murrow.” He confessed to becoming “physically enraged” at the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision but also kicked off his Twitter career by sharing that he was quietly crying into his sweater. A complex fellow to be sure. Could it be that he has a hidden conservative streak? No, it couldn’t.

In this corner we have, which seems to be moving into Buzzfeed territory with not a factually challenged graph or map but a quiz — sorry, make that an “interactive political calculator.”

Hayes took the quiz but found it got his politics “totally wrong.”

So true it hurts. But are Vox’s quizzes any more accurate than their map-making and map-reading skills?

There’s the basic flaw right there: would the “ultimate Republican” even take a quiz?