We don’t consider ourselves heroes, but we here at Twitchy will click links at Daily Kos so you don’t have to, and today we’re reading up on #Pointergate, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared “extremely racist” — not much of a stretch for the SPLC, but interesting nonetheless.

That looks like a cute photo of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Navell Gordon, a volunteer from Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, so what’s up? Shaun King at Daily Kos explains that local ABC news affiliate KSTP ran a news story Thursday night claiming that Hodges “dangerously flashed a gang sign with a known criminal.”

A reporter also tweeted the same charge in a preview of the story.

While there have been plenty of angry tweets directed at Kolls and KSTP, many are simply posting their own interpretations of #Pointergate.

So disappointed with Bill Clinton … again.

And for the win: